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Ulsan, Busan and Gangwon-do Province under dry weather warning; Friday lows drop below zero
Updated: 2019-12-12 16:30:28 KST
The cold wave alerts issued last night were lifted earlier today.

And temperatures are recovering to the seasonal norms. Let's turn to our Natalie Seok at the weather center for more details.

Yes, it is getting warmer. However, we do have dry weather warnings in force in Ulsan, Busan and Gangwon-do Province.
So, if you're in these areas do take the necessary precautions against fires.

As for the weather during the day tomorrow, Korea is set for clean air and some cloudy spells, but Beijing will have sunshine.

And the mercury will be slightly warmer than it was yesterday morning but still below freezing.
So, it'll be another chilly morning for Seoul as we wake up to minus 3 degrees Celsius, Chuncheon will be at minus 6, and Jeju 6 degrees.

Daytime highs will be a few notches higher than they were today.
And the mercury will reach 6 degrees in Seoul, 4 in Chuncheon and 14 in Jeju.

As you can see here, a little bit of rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, from the evening into early Saturday morning in central areas and the inland parts of the southern regions.

And up to 5 centimeters of snow is expected in the west of Gangwon-do Province.

Looking to the weekend, there'll be sunshine and dry conditions during the daytime with early winter conditions.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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