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Rain Tonight in most areas across the nation and Ultra-fine dust advisories in force in the Capital and Daegu
Updated: 2019-12-10 16:26:01 KST
Fine dust blanketed over the nation today.

Yes, and ultra-fine dust advisories are in force in the Capital and Daegu. Let's find out more from our Natalie Seok at the weather center.

Yes, we saw a thick haze of fine dust today across the country. And tomorrow, both the ultra-fine dust and fine dust levels will get worse temporarily.
So, if you haven't got a mask yet, it's not too late to grab one from the nearest convenience store as ultra-fine dust is particularly harmful for our health.

Tonight, a little drizzle is in the forecast for the entire country. But Gyeongsang-nam-do Province will stay dry tonight. And tomorrow, we'll have another cloudy day nationwide.

Taking a closer look into our readings for tomorrow,
Seoul will kick off the day at 7 degrees, Gyeongju 2, and Jeju 11 degrees.

And the highs will be significantly higher.
The mercury will reach 8 degrees in Seoul, 16 in Gyeongju, and 17 in Busan and Jeju.

But the cool air flowing in from the North-West will blow away that fine dust tomorrow afternoon, at the same time bringing Thursday's morning lows down to -4 degrees Celsius.
And strong winds will actually make it feel more like -8 degrees.
So do dress accordingly on Thursday morning.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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