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Tomorrow Seoul's low plunges to -9 degrees Celsius while cold wave alerts expanded in inland areas tonight
Updated: 2019-12-05 16:40:26 KST
For the first time this winter the temperature stayed below freezing during the day in Seoul.

Yes, let's see if the cold conditions will continue tomorrow from our Natalie Seok at the weather center, Natalie?

Yes. Tonight, cold wave alerts will be in force in inland areas, particularly around the western parts of the nation. And we do have more cold weather in the forecast tomorrow. But during the day, we'll have sunshine and clear blue skies nationwide.

We're waking up to absolutely freezing conditions tomorrow.
Especially in Seoul, as the low will drop further to minus 9 degrees Celsius, Busan minus 3 and Jeju 3 degrees.
So, remember to bundle up extra warm tomorrow.

We do have some good news though, as the daytime highs will be surprisingly warmer than today's daytime temperatures which stayed below freezing.
Seoul will peak at 1 degree, Daegu 5 degrees and Busan 7 degrees.

And later tonight, some light snow is expected along the west coast of Jeolla provinces and on the mountains of Jeju Island.

However, milder weather is in store for the weekend as temperatures warm up gradually during the day.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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