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Cold weather to sweep across central western regions
Updated: 2019-12-04 16:39:49 KST
The weather felt quite bearable during the day but I hear it's going to be a different story for the evening and later tonight.

I hope it's not too bad For more, let's turn to our Lee Jeehyun who is filling in for Natalie Seok at the weather center. Jee-hyun, what do you have for us?

Good evening guys. Well, we will be seeing some bitterly cold temperatures for the next two days. We are talking about sub-zero afternoon highs for central western regions including Seoul. And Friday is shaping up to be a bone chilling morning for Seoul with a low of minus 9 degrees Celsius.

So for tomorrow morning, the weather agency has issued a cold wave advisory for the northern regions including Pocheon and Cheorwon with an expected low of below minus 10 degrees and it'll feel even colder with the wind chill Take care of any pets or livestock that may spend the night outdoors.

Those in Beijing will also experience a big drop in daytime readings on Thursday, while Tokyo will have similar weather to today.

Back to Korea's Thursday temperatures. Central and southern provinces are forecast to have a slightly chillier morning tomorrow while Daejeon and some western regions could see a lingering mix of rain and snow until early tomorrow.

Afternoon highs will be 4 to 7 degrees lower than today so dress warmly tomorrow

That's Korea for you, here's the international weather for viewers around the world.
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